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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Liam Neeson, A Monster Calls!

09.22.2016 – There are Monsters in dreams and through fictional stories. But there’s nothing like a Monster voiced by Liam Neeson that would certainly haunt you with every sleeping nights that either will terrorize or inspire your inner monster.

Liam Neeson, widely known for his role as Bryan Mills in the worldwide blockbuster “Taken” film franchise, will once again surprise the audience with his newfound skills in his latest film “A Monster Calls.”

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lethal Weaon | 4 Reasons To See the TV Series

09.21.2016 – There have been remakes or reboots of well known action films into television series most of them failed. It’s either the actors or the narrative doesn’t make the adaptation worth watching, but “Lethal Weapon” is changing all that.

The trailer for the television series released several months back was on its early stages not the one you’ve probably have seen on Warner TV, which has something new about a franchise that has not bee around since its last film for the last sixteen years. If you’ve been curious here’s something you should know about the show…

Sunday, September 11, 2016

POST Gallery | PSP X Anniversary

09.11.2016 – The street art community has never been this known if not for its creative way promoting the culture like the Pilipinas Street Plan can accomplish.

For ten years they have been cultivating talent through grass roots and inspiring others. The journey continues with their tenth anniversary celebration at the POST gallery in Cubao X that began with Pablo gallery early in July of this year.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ultraman Ginga S Movie SM Exclusive Event!

09.10.2016 – "Ultraman Ginga S the Movie" is an exclusive for SM Super Malls and part of their “Family Movie Day” event that will show in selected SM cinemas all over Metro Manila with a ‘Meet & Greet.’

Besides the fun activities in promoting the release of the Japanese Sentai film they will also be giving away exclusive merchandise. If you’re into Japanese culture and anticipating the release of "Ultraman Ginga S the Movie" this might be your day

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Next Best Capsule Toys at Toy Kingdom!

09.09.2016 – Capsule toys are fun and addicting which depends on what type collectible you’ll be interested. If you’re a minimalist you’ll definitely like the little surprises that come out of the capsules much like mystery bagged toys.

Previously featured best Capsule toys where quite interesting and just like the last ones these might capture your attention. They all can be found at Toy Kingdom’s flagship store in SM Megamall and if you look further there’s more surprises waiting.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

DCU Rebirth | Supergirl #1

09.08.2016 – “Supergirl” is a month away to its second season and DC Comics is making sure fans who watched the show will get more than seeing her fly off in the small screen. DC’s Rebirth is a great entry point in getting to know the character in comics which also slightly reboots some of them that mirrors the up and coming TV series. Though there are not much similarities, but if you’ve only seen the show fans that come to adore Melissa Benoist’s ‘Kara Danvers” is great in this one.

No need to back track what was Supergirl before rebirth all you need to know starts with issue one. But if you’re curious enough take time to back track a bit to finding out the questions that would form in to your mind about the character and its previous stories that was set before this very issue and how she’s completely different from her live action counterpart.

DC Universe Rebirth brings back both characters that made Blue Beetle relevant and explores the relationship between Kord and Reyes who both carried the same identity.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ban Kee Trade Show 2016 | Tomica

09.07.2016 – Tomica is one of Takara Tomy’s brands that continue to be relevant in producing the best high quality die cast collectible in the market. They’ve been able to spinoff and produce license properties like Dream Tomica and Disney Motors. Now they are expanding to a different genre namely die cast action figures.

This was evident when the height of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” as a brand is being highly promoted. With that Tomica has acquired rights for the Star Wars property, but also have access to Marvel and other Disney licenses.